Cornholing With You

Well, we’ve been to the County Fair where I won you a little prize And we’ve gone to Lover’s Point where I saw the stars in your eyes We’ve done

Kid With a Dream

Tommy’s out there early in the morning Shootin’ buckets into a worn out hoop and net His Pop put it up when he was ten years old It doesn’t even

That Nashville Night

Taylor Swift called on the phone, she wanted to write some songs with me I was like, hold up pretty baby I’m not like the other men in Tennessee I

I Can’t Do This Anymore

She got all her stuff together, packed the car, gave back the ring She said I needed counseling, she said I could keep everything She’d rather live in a New

Way Back When Again

I walked into the Class Reunion And saw a friendly, happy face She wore the dress her Mom made with blue velvet and lace Her hair was longer, but her

The Girl Who Changed My Mind

I thought I’d be single for the rest of my days That I’d be eating solo in depressing book-cafes That someone wouldn’t stay when everyone else was unkind But at

Why Are You So Upset?

The house is as clean as it could ever be Everything has been put in its place But the one thing that’s missing here Is the sweet smile that was