Who Will She Be Today?

When I come home from school and I walk through the door I wonder if she’ll be nice to me or if she’ll scream at me some more Will the

Who He Has

Who he has is a girl I’ve known since grade school We met each other when we were about eight I asked her one night when we were out playing

Better Off With Me

Saw you at Jimmy John’s the other day You were with your girlfriend and her kid Memories of us were flooding my mind as I thought about all the stuff

The Drama of the Gifted Child

It starts when you’re in kindergarten You’re different from the rest of the pack You empathize with all your friends There’s something in you that they lack So with each

Partly Cloudy Skies

For Dad Remembering you Remembering us Thinking of the love we shared and all the ways you showed you cared Remembering when Remembering then The partly cloudy skies affect my

Back Burner Girl

I know about you and who you are My other friend told me last night And now it all is very clear to me Why he and his girlfriend always

My Springsteen Phase

Those were glory days back in my Springsteen Phase The Boss was the man When he and I ran We never slowed down As we got the hell out of

Don’t Do It, My Dear

All your bags are packed You’re ready to go and here I am I’m not saying, “So?” Don’t Don’t Don’t do it, my dear I’ve locked the door I have

You Decided to Play

The pavement’s wet And so are my eyes Cause I’ve discovered All of your lies All of those times You said you were true Turns out you weren’t Turns out