Things We Did Last Winter

Skiing in Bear Valley When the powder was eight feet high Falling in love with each other Without asking ourselves why Tennis out at Seascape Whenever the courts were dry

He’s Got a Townie Now

He moved here from Chicago for college Got his degree but he works at a diner One night a guy hit on a waitress But he gave him a pretty

He’s Breaking You

We’re sitting in this hamburger joint We just ordered some delicious food You asked me to have lunch with you To talk about your bitter mood You don’t know what

My Useless Talent

I used to play High School tennis Gramps thought I’d eventually go pro But I didn’t win much after College Something else was burnin’ my soul I had a useless talent Wrote

NorCal Country Gal

She owns the strawberry farm her parents left her She has horses & she calls the older men sir Drives a big ol’ truck and also a Fiat for quick

What The River Does

Before you head out on your journey, son There’s something I need to say That’s why we’re here at this fishin’ hole Here’s why it had to be today Your

Midwestern Mama

She leaves the house daily at five thirty to get to the office by six o’ clock Her truck’s got a Redneck Barbie sticker on it She loves listenin’ to

In That Cowboy’s Arms

There they are out on the dance floor Two steppin’ like it’s going out of style How I miss the way she used to kiss We haven’t done that in